Water Garden Ideas

Water Garden Ideas

Water Garden Ideas

Water gardens are a beautiful way to bring a little feng shui into your home or garden. Simple design! Just buy some aquatic water plants and float them in your favorite clear water container and presto… perfect feng shui.  Place your containers in an area that is sunny because they do require a lot of sunshine. If you don’t have a spot in your home then try your yard or porch.  Wouldn’t it be fun to create a peaceful outdoor space where you can sit and enjoy a water feature?

For your convenience, below is a website where you can buy aquatic water plants. Get creative, then enjoy your accomplishment! But, please share it with me. Send me a picture of what you created. It does not have to be huge, it can be very simple, just for you.



Brilliant Ways to Deal with Books

A tower of used booksBooks are precious to the people who have a collection. Some may even have thousands of books where the books actually take over the home.  In some cases, this is a dangerous feed for fire.

So, let’s discuss successful ways books have been dealt with whether  in the case of  moving, preparing for resale, or just re-organizing your home or office.  No matter how many books,  here are some options to put things into perspective and help to clear the clutter.

1. Sell

Go online and check for local book stores and see what type of book stores are available.  If there is a used book store, call and tell them you have a collection of books.  Ask them if they would be interested in looking at your collection.

If your collection is specialized, like a forensic or animal collection, etc., your chances are better at selling your books for a better price.  If you have  a mix of  books, the sale price will be reduced to pennies.

You can also go to Amazon.com and sell your books online.  Many people say they will do this, but it never seems to actually happen because it feels like to much work.

2. Donate

Don’t want to mess around with the books?  Then donate the books. Here is a list of several places that will take the books, but you will have to bring the books to them, unless it is the salvation army and you have a very large collection.

Before delivering these books, make sure they are dusted and organized according to categories (drama, history, biographies, etc.).

  • Local Book Drives
  • Library
  • Salvation Army
  • Charitable Organizations
  • Senior Living Homes  or Centers

3. Purge

Go through all your books that are expendable and have a yard sale, give them away to friends, or just throw them away.

4. Swap

Again, you can go to Amazon and swap books with those online.  Do a little research, there are plenty of options available to swap your books.  Again, requires some work.

5. Kindle

If you find that you have to downsize and no longer have any room for any of your books, but feel like you are going to lose a big part of yourself, cheer up.  The answer is simple and requires no house or office space.  Just buy a kindle and get all the books you want.  In some cases you don’t even need to buy the books.  Libraries offer free use of their books online using the kindle.

Kindle is an excellent  substitute.  No piles of books that can burn, collect dust, are heavy to move, and eventually smell moldy.  Just keep the essential necessary books like; cookbooks, reference books, or how to books.

Hope this information was helpful in organizing your collection of books.  Let me know if you have any other clever ideas on how to organize your books to eliminate clutter.



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